Coconut Doesn't Miss The Rooster...


In the Brooder
Sep 4, 2015
Nova Scotia
Well, Kiwi our meat king rooster got real aggressive a few months back and made our lives miserable (or mine at least), and he was really hard on Coconut as she was the only meat king hen, so we found a lovely person to give him a humane 'goodbye'. I have to say that it appears that nobody misses him. (Sorry Kiwi--but your time had come). Coconut was quite a mess from his 'attention' but she's all better now and looks ten times better, and she has the company of two laying hens, (on the other side of the coop/yard), and she is doing GREAT! She is happy and content and we finally have, once again, a very 'zen' hen home. Please note that Kiwi was raised with alot of love and attention, but when his hormones kicked was like another bird had replaced him. Coconut has even learned how to act like a hen with learning what to do when you find a small anthill, and take a bath in the dirt! I think she is learning from the other two hens. I'm so happy for her. I love this plump meat king and every day is a gift with her. She was the runt and kept back when the rest went for 'processing'. She is about a year old now. She is an absolute dear.



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