coiled, watery eggs

liz barnard

7 Years
May 23, 2012
One of my three Bluebells, all now three years old, has started to lay some very strange eggs indeed. To begin with they were tiny and hard shelled, like small pebbles, Now they are like long, pale snakes, thin shelled, watery and yolk-less. Another is laying thin shelled eggs which break as they are laid.

All three have no symptoms seem fit and well and are on a worm and tonic supplement. Each day the hens are picked up and put out in a pen on my tiny, urban lawn for two or three hours, and have been for the last two summers. They seem to really enjoy this and queue up to be let out.

Two months ago all three were treated with Veno 450 from the vet against parasites and the coop and pen were scrubbed down with Jeyes fluid, so I doubt parasites are the problem. Wild birds eat from their pen and may have introduced something, but what?

Sounds alot like one of my game hens she is close to 4 yrs and seems to be having some problems with her reproductive track as of late, Sounds like they are healthy otherwise which would be major concern if they weren't eating and drinking and acting normal. So maybe just an age related thing here is a link that may help us both good luck,
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Thanks, Lydia - very re-assuring. I've just been away for a week and these problems manifested themselves on my return. The hens were looked after by a very knowledgeable young man who keeps chickens himself so I know they were well cared for. Maybe they just missed me!

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