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Spruce Creek Waterfowl
10 Years
Apr 20, 2009
Sandusky, Ohio
Last year I bought two gray call ducks at a hatchery...they were already feathered out, but you couldn't tell the sex. I decided it was time to move them outside. We put them back by our woods. In front of the woods we have a small barn with a fenced in area in front of it. That is where we put the call ducks. But we put them in a cage exactly like the one shown below. They had their food and water inside, it was only temporary. They were fine the first two nights, but in the morning of the third day out, one was gone. Now the door you see in the picture latches and when closed it only allows the door to be pushed on the sides a few inches. When I went back there were a few feathers in the cage, but a lot outside the cage. There was blood everywhere, but the cage still had its door shut and latched. Also, one call duck was still in there and unharmed, it was cheeping for its friend, i felt soo bad. I can't imagine how anything could get in through the few inches if it pushed hard and then get back out with a made no sense to me. Also, we never found the duck, the feathers only went a bit further and the trail was me find out what did this please.
Thats what I dont get...and i really dont think a raccoon could fit in the small gap...and the wire door didn't even look like something was forced in and out of wasn't bent at all?
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Was there a gap somewhere at a place where some of the wiring is fastened?

I had my wood ducks pulled through the spaces in a chain link fence. I never actually found out what it was that got them but it had to be something that could "go fishing" by reaching through the fence - coon was my guess.
That could be the case..but I know the ducks weren't stupid..they would've went to the back end of the cage.
No, we checked every seam that morning...nothing was disturbed. If it hadn't been for the feathers and blood, it would look like I just had one duck I was raising. The predator left no tracks or anything...could it be a mink?
My ducks were in a 6 x 10 pen and they are flighty birds. I think once they get them panicked they can snag them and pull them through. Or maybe there were two predators....?

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