Cold duckling what do I do?


10 Years
Apr 29, 2009
Northeastern Michigan
My other ducks won’t allow one of the other ducks to sleep with them or even get under the brooder lamp its cold and peeping loudly and the others are still not allowing it under the lamp. What should I do, why would they be doing this? Help!
Most likely that little duck is ill and the other ones can sense it and won't let him into the group. Until you can set up another brooder (on Friday night at 10pm when everything is closed) put on a tank top and tuck it into your pants. Put a flannel shirt on over that and button it most of the way up and put the little duck in the tank top.

If I were in your shoes the only thing I could think of to make another brooder would be a heating pad in a box. Part of it on the floor of the box and part of it going up one of the sides of the box. Turned onto the lowest setting. Put the box in a room that you could leave the light on all night and hope for the best. I'm still thinking about what to do about food and water. I'm not familiar with the feeding habits of ducks. Can you feed/water him before bedtime and then in the morning or do you have to get up every few hours to see if he is hungry.

My biggest fear would be leaving water near a plugged in appliance.

Good luck.

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