Cold frame for run?

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    We are contemplating the idea of going with a cold frame structure for our chicken run (obviously w/o the polycarbonate panels/).

    What we're thinking at this point: Run welded wire mesh 5' up the sides (all sides), and cover the rest (up & over the top) with heavy-duty aviary netting. We'd also electrify the wire mesh to keep anything from climbing up it to get through the aviary netting.

    Would I need to run an interior perimeter of chicken wire (or similar) to keep the chickens from touching the electric fence/mesh? I'm worried about them getting zapped & wasn't sure if they could withstand something like that (and hopefully learn not to do it again), or if it's best not to give them the opportunity to come into contact with electrified fence.

    Please feel free to pick this apart, offer any advice, etc. We'd like to give our birds quite a bit of space in the run & want to make sure all of our bases are covered before we finalize the plans (and the ground thaws).

    Thanks in advance!!! [​IMG]
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    Are you planning on putting the netting on the outside of the run? That way, unless they are free ranging they should be fine. There are some other runs shaped this way belonging to people here on the forum. Maybe they'll chime in and be more helpful.....
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    We built something like that, but out of cattle panels and a wood frame for the base. We followed a plan that I found online for a Hoop Coop.

    Never used the electric poultry netting, can't offer any advice on it!
  4. My brother bought one of those metal carports for his chicken run then fenced in the perimeter. Cold frame sounds similar to me.
  5. Dawn419

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    We built our main run along the lines of the hoop coop. We used cattle panels, covered them with chicken wire (attached wire to panels with j-clips). The bottom 4' of the panels are covered with 1/2" hardware cloth, then 3' of chicken wire is staked to the ground around the outside of the run (predator proofing).

    I love it as I have more than enough head-room and the Banties are able to "spread their wings" when they feel like it.

    Building the hoop run...


    Almost finished...


    Finished run...


    More pix of the building process...

    Hope this is some help!

  6. Roux

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    Thank you all so much for the input & ideas. It looks like we'll be doing a 20' x 36' run as soon as the weather stays nice for a long enough period of time. I'll make sure to take pics of the work-in-progress. [​IMG]
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