Cold Hatcher!!!!


8 Years
Apr 30, 2011
I had to do some last minute changes to my hatcher, and after all was said and done the temp was at about 90.. it didnt reach back to temp for about ten hours... would the chicks be ok still?
Do you mean an incubator (eggs), or a brooder (chicks)?

I assume you mean incubator, and if it is an incubator, when did you set the eggs? Fluctuation is a lot less troublesome early on, and gets more problematic the closer to hatching.

If it's a brooder, 90 is warm enough.
sorry about that! i mean incubator.. and i made the changes the day went went on lockdown, so the first out of three days was pretty much at 90- 93
Last winter on our coldest night we lost power. The power had already been off for a couple of hours when I discovered the power was off, my incubator temp was 78 degrees. Luckily I had a battery pack and an inverter. I plugged the incubator into it and got the temp back up. After a couple of more hrs the power came back on. I still had a good hatch.

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