Cold or Pneumonia I think??? Help!


9 Years
Nov 19, 2010
Ottawa, KS
Ok so we had a better than a half an inch of rain yesterday and temps in the low 40’s upper 30’s. When I got home from work at 9pm I checked on the birds. Everyone was in for the night but I seen that my 2 oldest birds (1year this month) looked a bit wet while the others looked good and dry. Also my hen who is almost always with my Rooster was up in the rafters where I have never seen her go. (she is one of the still wet ones) I got all my eggs and headed to the house. This morning I went down to open the door and let them all out. Everyone was looking good and ready to bolt out that door. I did my daily count to be sure everyone is ok. The rooster was good and dry he was the first out the door. After my count I was missing one BO. I went in looking for her and I couldn’t see here anywhere. So I started to be sure water and food was good thinking that I just missed her come out. Then wile seeing one of the waters I seen some tail feathers sticking out from behind my nest box legs. It was her standing there in the darkest spot just looking at the wall. I grabbed her and she didn’t put up any kind of fight or even make a noise. Held her tight to my body and started to look her over. I see drainage at her nose I can hear some wheezing, her breaths are a bit shallow/slow and wile I had her up her poo was supper runny and white for the most part.

What I’ve done for her so far.
She is in the house in a large tote with the lid on. I have a hole cut in the side (12” x 12”) with Plexiglas over it and holes to let it breath well. The room is 70 and has a window for good natural light. She has fresh water and we made a quick worm mash from “Purina Flock Raiser” and good thick clean bedding. She does not seem to want to eat or drink in fact she sat and closed her eyes while we were moving items in and out of the tote. It’s not like her to just sit there and not care that were moving thing.

So any of you know what it might be and what steps I need to take next?

Thank you for any help!
Is her crop full? You might have sour crop. Sour crop is an understatment. Keep her warm. Expunge the crop outside. feed her yougart water and bread. It takes about two weeks for them to recover. Now it could be something else. Just sounds like my bird. Recovery to egg laying is about 2 months. Chick to egg laying is 4.5 months at the fastest. It pays to care for those that are in our flock. If you have been bringing in other birds, you might have coryiza. Not there, cant tell. For sure warm, good food, and check the crop!
She is the only one doing this that I have seen in a year so I think its cuz she was out in the rain. The coop is dry and for the most part wind proof but where I see this girl last night up in the top were all the vents are I'm not so sure that its wind proof there.
How's your girl doing? I'm not at all sure what the issue may be, because so many things present this way. I hope she's improved.
Just a note FYI - chickens don't catch colds like people do. If they have "cold like" symptoms it's likely to be a respriratory illness. Do a search for respriatory diseases on here if you suspect it's more than just catching a chill - you'll find tons of info - some are contagious so be careful. Watch her closely - it may be nothing, but it could be more.

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