Cold or sinus infection or....?


9 Years
Aug 23, 2010
State of confusion
My Wyandotte hen, Cordelia aka Cordy sounds like she has a wheezing breath. Noticed it a few days ago when I was bent down giving them watermelon as a treat. She is in good health, she has a nice colored comb, eating and drinking fine, laying eggs, and her poop looks okay too.

I just took them off of the antibiotic Duramycin-10 for 5 days, a teaspoon and a half in their drinking water each day. I had done that as my little Golden Star hen, Lil Bit was sneezing and sounded to have a stuffy nose, though I didn't see much discharge, if there was it was clear. She still sounds like she clears her nose by sneezing, though both her and Cordy's chest are clear and no signs of anything in their lungs. And every so often Lil Bit will cough and open her beak, extend her neck then shake her head. I have checked her crop, it is soft and pliable, nothing hard.

Our weather has been wet, moist and just a real pain in the butt to deal with, so could it be the moisture?

Maybe the antibiotics weren't strong enough? Should I just leave them be since they are acting normal and keep an eye on them?

Last night we misted Oxine in the coop and let them breath that in. I am hoping it helps but I am running out of ideas. Could this be nothing more than the weather and as soon as this danged rain goes away and we get some dry weather, they will get better? I am at a loss.

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