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Discussion in 'Pictures & Stories of My Chickens' started by twinanchor, Dec 15, 2009.

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    Dec 15, 2009
    It has been quite a few months that I have had my Red stars. Its been quite a learning experience. Thanks to this site a lot of questions have been answered over the past 8 months.
    I started out in April of this year by purchasing 8 pullets at 6 weeks old. I had their pen and coop built prior to them arriving.All went well until they got to be 12 weeks old. I lost 3 to the raccoons through my own fault. The wire was not high enough at 56 inches. So, bought more wire and now the pen is 84 inches with electric wire around. Also bought 5 more Stars at 3 weeks old and had to learn how to integrate. Success came and so did the eggs.No more raccoons either. Girls are free range on my half acre and learned to fly pretty good. Neighbors don't mind at all. Only trouble is the girls think all dogs are friendly cause none chase them. Coyotes are not friendly tho so hope I don't have to teach them the difference. Lost one of the 10 to a cat of all things. They did not know cats were not friendly either cause they always walked right up to the birds. Tough lesson for me to learn. Now winter is upon us. First steps in snow was something to see. Not sure how to take the white stuff. Don't like it too much. Staying close to pen and I put some straw down for them to snuggle in on the ground. The coop is an "A" frame with 2 nest boxes in it and 3 perches. Their water and food is inside as well. Have an oil filled heater that I turn on at night. When it is minus 16 C. outside it is plus 16 inside. I think they like that. However the cold weather has not affected the egg production. Average 7 eggs a day. Feeding 16% layer crumbs, oyster shell, and scraps of veggies when possible. Thanks to Backyard Chickens and all those who give input via posts and threads. You all have been a great help.
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    [​IMG] From Eastern Washington State!! Glad we could be of assistance! [​IMG]

    I sure hope you'll post some pictures of your flock soon, and maybe tell us a little bit more about yourself as well. Where do you live? You mentioned temperatures listed in celsius...Are you somewhere in Canada? Europe perhaps? Inquiring minds will want to know! [​IMG] Hope you post soon and often. Again, welcome Twinanchor!

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