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    Jul 8, 2011
    We had a real cold snap here in Texas. By 4pm after the night before with freezing weather and a windy night she'd just had it. I feel I made a number of mistakes, make sure you don't. Number one, when I noticed the hard wind late night I should of went out and made them go in the little closed coop. They roost on top. Two sides open to the air plus they are roosting on a metal roof. Not my worst mistake, but then I ALWAYS remember to bring water because of course their water freezes. Didn't think of that until 4pm and the freezing temps never let up, which they pretty much always do by morning. Tomorrow it will be in the 60's, Monday it was up to high 70's and today all day low 30's. When I found her she was so so warm I thought I could get her back. I just missed my chance to save her. I could of let them out to get sunlight out of their shaded coop, given water, and who knows. She was limp and gone. She was an Americauna and was a huge water drinker. In fact, I was always amazed at how much water she drank. :( I really feel like I screwed up and I feel bad. Make sure they have water! Take extra precautions with these domesticated sweeties. I think a night of cold she could handle, all day too was too long...... and the WATER!!! She even left me a last egg today.
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    Graham Wa
    Very sorry for your loss. It always sucks when we learn our mistakes the hard way.[​IMG]
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    Something tells me your mistakes were not totally to blame. I have done as bad or worse with no problems. I think your bird may have been in a weaken state for a number of reasons that you are not aware of (age, recent molt, flawed genetically from birth.)

    I find feeding extra corn over the winter seems to help birds combat the cold better. Most cold hardy chickens should have survived that dip in temperature in my opinion.

    I think Americana's are cold hardy (no experience to be honest). Yours I think just got poor genetics from the get go.

    Is that the breed that lays the coloured eggs??
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    Yes blue/green. Thank you. Helpful words.

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