cold weather juveniles

McGraw Brewd

Oct 31, 2015
I have some 5 week old juvenile chicks. The temp tonight is supposed to be 27 degrees. We have them closed in the roost, a tarp around the coop and a great lamp in there with them. Is this good enough?
Hello! Yes that should be plenty. You want them:
1. dry
2. Free from drafts
and because they are still young
3. a lamp.
Make sure they have water and room to get away from the heat if they want.
great to have you joining the BYC flock

Sounds good enough and at 5 week of age the chicks should have some feathers and cuddled up in a box will keep them warm with the lamp .....
glad you have joined us.

Sounds like you have it "covered" , just make sure the lamp is secured so it won't fall and agree with @OrganicFarmWife 's advice.
Thank you all. I open the flap during the day when the sun is shinning and let them run around for some fresh air and exercise.
I want happy ladies. Hopefully by spring I will start to get some eggs.

What breed of chicks do you have? Share some pictures if you'd like.

Thanks for joining us!

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