8 Years
Jun 20, 2012
We had a VERY COLD the teens with wind and snow! I am so proud of my ducks! They handled it like a bunch of real troopers! I made sure that I had hot water on the stove to take out for them to put in their tub and through the night they had a hole through the ice in the tub to get at the water. In the morning they were out and I replaced the water with fresh and they had their usual peas and corn and of course their feed. I was amazed that when I put fresh water in their mortar tub that they took a bath in it! It was so cold outside that you could see their little breath!
Before the weekend I raked up all their straw and put fresh down and put quite a few of those little sections from the bale into their doghouse.
I'm getting an alfalfa/grass mixture this week to have for them. The guy at the merchantile told me to put that out in the cold winter because they have some greens to munch on and also it doesn't break down as fast as straw so it keeps a dryer area for them.
Ducks in climates where the weather changes seasons significantly, withstand the extremes probably better than us lol It's a whopping +1C out right now(so 34F?) 3 of mine were wading around in low laying water, 2 have already had a tubby in the kiddy pools. I OTOH am still trying to thaw out my toes and am seriously considering climbing in my tea lol
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