Collapsable Coop? Pull Put Bottom? Better house?


9 Years
Jan 30, 2010
Heyas! I'm trying to design a coop. Preferably one that's 10x10 because I don't plan on many chickens yet.

But, my lovely boyfriend has pointed out a problem in the size of coop I want to build.

I'm going to be moving a relatively numerous time in the next few years, and I want to build the coop, well... now!

Are there ways to make a coop easily taken apart, yet still be safe for the lads and lasses that would stay inside? I think of those "Insert Rod A into Slot B" things, but that seems like it would be tough to get the rods and the slots perfect enough to keep it sturdy.

Another question! One thing I wish to incorporate into my coop is the pull out bottom, like on most bird cages. For easy cleaning of the coop floors! (Raised Coop)

However, would the easy cleaning mean a definite safety hazard? Or would it simply be better to have a coop that sits on the ground, somewhat of an overgrown tea house?

Sorry if they're odd questions!
Wait, do you mean a 10x10 *building* or do you mean a 10x10 *pen* with a small (e.g. 4x4) 'house' inside of it?

If you mean the former, I would not advise it. You *can* make a 10x10 shed that bolts or screws together, 4 walls and a floor and a shed roof. However, a) 10' walls and a 10x10 floor are going to be hard to transport, and b) when reassembled it will never really be as sturdy and tight as it was the first time. Quite honestly I think you are better off building something as inexpensive as possible that you will be willing to part with, or, better yet, doing a *small* coop (e.g. 4x4 or 4x8) that you CAN move.

If you mean the latter, then sure, it is pretty easy. I would suggest using 10' chainlink kennel panels as your walls because they are sturdy and prefab and (fairly) easy to transport... if you do not want to buy chainlink kennel panels then you can either build your own out of wood and welded wire or build a proper run on posts that you just dismantle every time you move. And make a 4x4 or 4x6 or 4x8 coop to put inside that pen. If it is 4x8, either make it VERY lightweight and have some beer and some friends on hand to move it, or you could make it so that the roof is removeable to lighten it a bit. 4x4 or 4x6 should be moveable by 2 people of normal strength. Of course you will need a pickup truck or moving truck but you will no matter what you construct.

For a reach-in size coop, some people do have hinged or pull-out floors for easy cleaning. Personally I do not see how it saves any meaningful amount of labor or aggravation but you can certainly try it if you want. Make sure that you beef up your structure so that the structural stability is not compromised by not having a firmly-affixed bottom to the coop.

Good luck, have fun,

Rather than try to build a pull out tray for the whole coop floor, how about a tray that just goes under the roosts? That's where most of the poop will go, anyway. That's what I do, and it works fine. The rest of my coop floor is covered with sand, and it's easy to pick up the stray poops that fall there with a kitty litter scoop.
Yay! Thank you both for the responses.

I probably should make the coop a little smaller, like you said. The only ones moving it would be me and boyfriend...
I'll redo the plan~

Elmo- That is an awesome idea! Though the only thing I don't know about sand is the fine particles that can hard on the respiratory systems of both the chickens and us as we clean it.

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