Collapsable coop


7 Years
Nov 3, 2012
I looked through chicken coops on the site, but not found any type of collapsable.
For example, I want to build walls and roof in one place, to carry in other place and to gather there in an easy way
Please give me a hint to some plan.
Not a tractor type. I dont need wheels.
Coop for little suburban property.
You may laugh at this, but ... My chicks currently play all day in a collapsable "playpen". I couldn't call it a coop. To me, a coop is more stable and predator proof. Anyway, I have a wire dog pen that I bought some time ago on craigslist. Has lots of folding sides to it and can be made in multiple configurations. I garden stapled that to the ground and put a table over the top of it to protect the chicks from hawks. I wrapped the whole thing in chicken wire and secured the chicken wire over the top of the table in insure nothing will sneak or fly in between the table and the top of the dog (uh chicken) cage. They have food and water and love to scratch the day away. I have a wooden pole as a roost and they are the happiest chicks. (well, they are my first and seem pretty happy - except when it is time to come back into their temp home inside) We are still waiting for the smallest to get fully feathered out. It's temporary until I get their coop complete and it can be moved around the yard easy enough. Have to move every 10 days or so in order to cut the grass. We r in sunny AZ. Just one possibility. Peace,
I have property 40 square meters, including a small house, trees and garden beds. I wanted to buy a chiken coop for several chicks, but there are only imported and expensive.
Now I think to build it for myself and some for sale. There are many small properties in my region.
So, I'm interested in the coop, that can be transported tens of kilometeres, carried through the narrow gate and quickly assembled.

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