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I have a game/bantam hen she is 1yr old this past summer, has been a good egg layer up until this week she has laid 2 collapsed egg, the first time which was Sunday she was on the roost long after everyone had left picked her up and found some of the egg shell sticking out but most of the egg was laying on the shaving, I brought her inside and soaked her in warm water, and was able to feel if anything was left inside, she felt clear of any more egg shell, then this morning she laid another one, as far as I can tell she has only laid these 2 eggs this week and hasn't seemed to have any problems till now, Does anyone know what causes this, her and my game/bantam roo spend most of their time in the woods surrounding our home not inside the fenced property with the rest of the flock. Thanks. They do eat Flock Raiser fermented with oyster shell on the side.
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I'm not sure what you mean with "collapsed" egg? Here's some info on internal and external egg quality problems and causes, with pics of most of them:

Hope that helps!
Thank you so much sumi, I think what I am seeing is the molting and laying an egg problem, and I'm sure there is another term but when I find the eggs it's collapsed there is a shell but it's not hard like normal thank goodness actually because she is able to pass it all. Appreciate the information really helped. She is in molt but it's not a heavy molt like some of my hens are going through so maybe that's why she is still laying?

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