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Aug 21, 2011
New River, AZ
Just curious if any other members of BYC collects baseball cards? I have been collecting since I was a kid. In the early 2000s I got involved with the minor leagues and getting their autographs. Over the last 5 years I have chilled out on buying cards. Mainly money issues. I have thousands of dollars invested in cards right now. I would like to get back into the card collecting one of these years, but all depends on the economy. I enjoy putting sets together and enjoy finding more people to trade cards with.
I don't but I wish I had the one's my grandmother burned of my uncles. He had boxes and boxes of them and that was over 40 years ago. I will never forget when she told him she burned them because she didn't think they were any good.
My daughter's BF is a serious collector. I don't know anything about them. He just picked up 2 bats the other day, 1 from 1956 with the stamped Jackie Robinson name on it and the other was a stamped Babe Ruth that was from the early 60's. Five bucks each. But CARDS are his big thing.
I used to!
I still have a HUGE collection of Cal Ripken Jr. cards-including a rookie. I have between 150 and 200 cards of Cal alone.
I worked for years on a produce farm for a man who grew up near NYC in the 1950s. His dad had season tickets to the Yankees games, and they went to the yearly team dinners (Christmas?) also. He has balls, bats, and cards signed by the entire team-including Mickey Mantle, Whitey Ford (Whitey was a personal friend of their family), Don Larsen, Yogi Berra, and Enos Slaughter!
Being from Baltimore- Cal Ripken Jr is my idol!! I have a whole binder of just his cards. I was able to get a baseball signed by him and Billy. I just wish I could have gotten their dad on it too. I have a couple dozen balls signed, but I stick more to the cards. I think I have 4 or 5 bats autographed as well. I have BJ Upton on a Sweet Spot, I want to get Justin (his little brother) on the other side of the ball. Im hoping one day I will get the chance too.

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