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    I am still getting about 25 eggs a day from my 60 hens. Currently temps are in the low 20's and my hens are in south facing building where the window facing south is just covered with welded wire. So temp is maybe mid 30's during the day.

    Question is I have someone that would like some fertile eggs which I have. I have 6 roos to cover teh 60 hens. So what is the min temp to collect and store for a week to cover their order? Or do I have to try and time where they are laying and the eggs are still warm then keep on counter for a week. Or is it just to cold and even though they are fertile or at least should be. It is just to cold to hold eggs to hatch?
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    I'd collect them as often as you could during the day and store them in a fairly cool place, in the 50's to 60's if you have that, low 70's if that is all that is available. It is best for the eggs to not get too cold, and if they freeze I think you have a serious problem. You may lose a little hatchability if the eggs are in the mid to upper 30's for a while, but I don't think it would be too bad. I'd discuss it with the person buying them to hatch and tell them the hatch rate could be off a bit due to the cool temperatures but you are willing to try if they are.

    The guidelines are just that, guidelines. We violate them all the time and often do OK. If you are able to keep them at the "perfect" temperature it helps to improve your odds, but them getting outside the perfect range does not guarantee failure.

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