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    I posted this in the Goose section, but thought it worth posting in Ducks as well. I'm relatively new to chatting in forums so forgive any lack of forum etiquette/know-how, but the need to relieve the suffering of our goose, The Colonel, feels pressing:

    Hi All and warm regards,

    We've had two geese, The Colonel & Mrs. Marple, for about 9 months, raised together by us from a couple weeks old. They imprinted on us and were also very much in love with each other, but Mrs. Marple died a few days ago and I'm trying to remedy as much of The Colonel's heartache as I can.

    Judging from what I've read thus far, it seems that male geese won't likely accept a new mate, and that they aren't keen on being introduced to a new flock, and The Colonel has only ever been top goose and with us at home (his own safe house at night, a pond and a couple acres to free range).

    Since he was originally raised also with 4 male ducks (who The Colonel adored, but we gave them away out of concern for the drakes' aggressions/Mrs. Marple) I'm thinking it might be best to find 2 or 3 new drakes who are only a few months old or around The Colonel's age. We are not able to get the original 4 back.

    My question's are:
    1) Does this sound like a smart, realistic plan?
    2) Are there repercussions I'm not considering?
    3) Should I attempt to introduce a new goose/geese, or is what I've read thus far pretty accurate (re: The Colonel not likely to take well to other geese now)?
    4) Any suggestions?

    If you or anyone you know are in the Seattle area, especially on the Kitsap Peninsula, and have male ducks needing a home, we've got a fantastic crew of chickens, Tucker the kind dog, Roger the arrogant cat, and The Colonel for them to join.

    Many thanks in advance for any information leading to The Colonel's relief,
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    You will get better answers on the goose behavior in that forum and I haven't had mine for long enough to give advice.

    But for your questions
    1- yes, I think getting a buddy for your goose would be good. I know that some people have had good luck with introducing a new goose, I don't know if there needs to be a "mourning" period or what gender would be better. He is pretty young though so that might work.

    2- repercussions could be that whatever you get doesn't bond with the colonel or that they are aggressive with each other.

    3- wait for the goose forum answers, I would only get ducks if you want ducks not solely to keep him company.

    4- Not suggestions, I do have to say that my geese are VERY interested in my ducklings (their mom is not thrilled about that). The first time they saw the babies there was so much honking going on I went out to see what the problem was. They have not had physical contact yet because of the weather I have mom and babies confined in a brooder section of the coop.

    sorry for the loss of the female and good luck
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