Color changing eggs!

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May 5, 2015
I have a question, my easter egger has (overnight) gone from laying rich chocolatey brown eggs to lighter olive brownish eggs! Is this normal? Is it permanent? She lays 6 eggs a week, and it literally happened overnight!
The egg to the left in the first picture is what she's laid the past two days. The dark brown egg second from the top in the second picture is what she normally lays! Thanks in advance for the input!

It's normal for a hens eggs to have a variation in color. The brown color is deposited on the egg at the end of the process. If she felt rushed to lay the egg, the usual amount of color wouldn't have a been applied. Anything could cause this to happen from a sudden change of temperature to another hen being more bossy than usual. Chickens can be very sensitive to stress.
I don't know what to tell you but... those are beautiful eggs! My dream is to have a chocolate brown egg layer. I didn't know easter eggers would lay eggs that dark!
How old is the bird and how long has she been laying?
Do you know the parentage of the bird?

Dark brown layers coating color will get lighter thru the laying cycle(spring to fall), then they will molt and when they commence laying again it should be darker again.
The quick change my just be a one off.

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