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    .what do you think he has in him as far as genes go and what color should i put with him, i want the barring you see on some of those tail feathers...his feathers are really white i just give him corn every other day along with laying pellets, cut grass, and other items that are healthy for chickens (yes he has leg mites, had them when i got him and he is getting treated with vetRX)[​IMG]
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    I have no idea if that white comes from recessive white or dominant white. I don’t know if silver is hiding under there or not. I don’t know if he is pure for barring or split. It looks like he is probably a mix of something so you may get some real surprises in the chicks whatever hen you use.

    I suggest putting him with a black hen, preferably one you know is pure for extended black. You could possibly use a red hen but if silver is hiding under that white you can have difficulties in getting barred chicks.
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    He looks like a barred blue-tailed white. If he was dominant white or recessive white he would not have a blue tail. My guess is that he is carrying light wheaten ( dominant wheaten), blue, silver, one barring allele, and homozygous for two restrictors called dark brown and columbian. The reddish color is due to other factors; they could be a genetic or a structural color. I do not think the bird is carrying gold because you would see a defined straw color in the hackles. I have same coloring in some of my birds.

    He could be lavender also but I can not tell from the picture. Normally blue males will have a black vane in a tail feather that is facing out. I do not see that in the bird but the restrictors are probable removing the color in the vain.

    I can not see the color of the birds beak- if the birds beak is black he is not light wheaten he is birchen under the white color.

    What variety of bird do you want to produce? Knowing what variety you want to produce will help me make the decision.

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