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11 Years
Apr 11, 2008
I have a female Pearl guinea hen and I am wondering if its okay to get her a Lavender or Coral Blue mate?? Taylor's original mate Cody was killed by a coon. it okay for Taylor to mate with a different colored male and hatch the eggs?? Will the keets be okay??
I just wanted to make sure cause I've lost ducklings do to the same issue. I wasn't watching him and my male Pekin mated with a malard and all the ducklings she hatched were bo legged or their necks were to weak.

I Give Taylor any colored mate...for sure than??
All of ours free range and I can't count how many different colors we have together. I included a picture:

With the ducks you were crossing breeds. They have different physical traits beyond color and you can't predict which traits will win out unless you have done that cross a lot. This is the same danger that crossbred dog breeders with their weird sounding name combinations face. Crossing colors within a breed is entirely different and perfectly normal. It's done all the time in every breed of animal that has multiple colors. Every now and then you get a bad cross which results in lethals but I don't believe any of those exist in guineas and you usually have to cross something other than the standard wild color which pearl is. Both animals have to carry the gene to create a lethal color. Any color combination in a guinea fowl should be safe. Pearl x lavender or coral blue will most likely just give you lots of pearl keets though. Small odds on some more lavender, coral blue, or royal purple. If you use a sky blue instead you'll be guranteed at least royal purples with the pearls. Males and females are pretty much identical with guinea fowl so a pic of either will tell you what a color looks like. I haven't ever seen instructions to judge gender by color. Only wattle size and sound they make.
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