Color Pack Sexing


May 4, 2022
Hello! Greetings from our cold and rainy June here in Oregon (hence why these ladies are still in their nursery in the garage!).

We have 7 week old Color Pack chicks (purchased from Wilco) and I haven't been able to find a ton of information on them online, and I am curious as to if these two ladies are indeed female. Hennifer (white/yellow in the top picture) and Deliliah (red/dark grey in the bottom picture) are larger than our other birds (Orphintons, Wyandotte and Australorp) and each have more pronounced combs and these head feathers. Their tails feathers are also different.

I'm curious if our girls are boys, or if these are simply female characteristics in this breed.

Y'all are experts and I'd love to know what you think! Thank you!


I see a few cream legbar mixes, (easter eggers) so you'll get colored eggs from them, cream legbars have head poofs.
Nobody appears to be a cockerel at this point. :]
Thank you so much! We were hoping for some kind of bird with "fancy feathers"! We've loved having these birds so much, but my husband really doesn't want any Roos, so if we can avoid the conflict altogether, that would be beneficial! I appreciate your insight!

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