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Apr 29, 2007
I have a young (3 month) Splash Cochin Cockerel (Stoney) He is almost a Self Blue/Lavender color
Can I use him in trying to create a Lavender Cochin or will he always throw some Splash.
I am Chicken Genetics Challenged , ask me horses or dogs genetics and I am good, chickens not so much.....

Any Help is appreciated.

I attached a pic, it doe snot show his true color, you really have to see him in person.

Were the parents blue or lavender? That would determine what he can produce.

Good Question Jody. I will have to find out as I got him from a friend who breeds.
I will ask her today when I call to register one more chicken for the Fair, I am now taking 8...

So you have to have the Blue Gene in there to create Lavender? I need to find some genetics books.....
If he's from blue breeding, he will likely produce blue, black and/or splash chicks.

If he's from lavender breeding, they breed true and if matched to another lavender, he will produce all lavender chicks.

I would bet he is Blue as I don't think Beth has any Lavender. Darn it! He is just such a pretty color. I can't wait until he gets old enough to breed to Scarlett and Darla my 2 Black Cochins. I would love to try and get Lavender ones , guess I will tuck that dream away for the future.
The best way to tell is look at the wing and tail feather quills. Lavender will be white on top and black underneath. BLue will be black on top and whiteish underneath. Now if that is a splash I have never raised one so if you breed it to black you will get all common Andalusian blue colored type chicks from it. As far as lavender they can pop up from any color but you have to be able to recognize that if you have one. Looking at a picture I can not really tell for sure. Cochins have been bred in Lavender especially bantams. Hope that helped you to determine what you have. I see a couple of feathers that make me think you have a splash. HS
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If he is splash, do not use him in a lavender breeding project. No matter how much he "looks" like a lavender, he is still a splash. Your best bet would be to start with black cochins, and breed these to either self blue cochins, or some other breed that comes in self blue (d'uccle would probably be your best bet), and go from there. You don't want to introduce a blue gene to the mix, you'll just end up making birds with a mess of genes that you'll have to worry about cleaning up later.

Beautiful boy btw

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