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8 Years
Jun 3, 2011
My guineas are just over a year old now, and I would like to start hatching eggs.
I have both coral blue and pearl grey. I am planning on putting females of both colors in with 2 CB males. Can I expect any colors other than CB and PG keets? I would assume that any PG I hatch would have the chance to carry a recessive gene??

Also, how long do they need to be separated from the PG boys before I can be sure that the CBs are the ones fertilizing the eggs?
Besides Coral Blues and Pearl Greys from the hatches you may get some Lavenders (since the keets will get a blue gene from the Coral Blue, fully-pearled gene from the Pearl Grey). Most keets from anything bred to Pearl Grey usually turn out Pearl Grey tho because both color and pearling genes are so dominant over anything/everything else. And yes all of the Pearl Grey keets that hatch from a Pearl Grey X Coral Blue breeding will carry the (recessive) blue gene and the (recessive) partially pearled gene. If any or all birds are carrying anything hidden, you could end up with some surprises tho.
Oh and I would give the Hens anywhere from 15 days to 3 weeks to be "cleared out" of any possible Pearl Grey male sperm... but you could still hatch out and sell the keets that hatch in the meantime... or just collect and eat the eggs, it's up to you.
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Thank you! I was thinking it would be something along those lines. Is there any books or other reference material out there about the genetics of the guinea colors?

I am planning on both eating and selling some of the eggs, and selling some keets too. I am debating if I should place an order for fertile eggs as I really, really want some chocolates and buffs. Darn, I really need to do some building. I was impulsive and bought my first turkey eggs from Arielle, so I really need a couple of more coops before I get more guineas.
I am excited though, as a guinea actually used the nest box in the coop today, for the first time!
They free-range atm, so I was expecting to have to lock them up if I didn't want to go on an egg hunt! I hope the rest of the girls follow suit!

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