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    I am considering getting some eggs from this seller because they are local. What kinds of colors could come from the offspring? All bird are in the same pen and I don't know much about color yet to know what baby's they might make. Also if a bird is split dose that mean the baby's might be the split color?

    Males- one Java Green Muticus Muticus. one White, one India Blue Blackshoulder.

    Peahens- 3 Cameos, one Oaten, one Purple Cameo Pied, one Purple Cameo Spaulding and one india Blue
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    Sorry to rant, but it's kind of annoying when someone doesn't take a simple step of controlling parentage, and then expects the buyer to take the much harder step of trying to sort out the ensuing chaos.


    Anything fathered by the Green will be a Spaulding, split to whatever mutation the mom has -- except for daughters of the sex-linked mutations, which can't be split to them. Offspring from the Pied will be either split to White or split to Pied. Offspring from the Oaten will be split to Blackshoulder. But otherwise, everything fathered by the Green will look like a non-mutation Spaulding.

    Those fathered by the White will all carry one of his two copies of White. So except for the Pied female, that means everything will be split to White, and probably also non-mutation in color -- UNLESS the White is also genetically homozygous or heterozygous for other mutation colors, which you couldn't tell visually because the White erases everything. Offspring between the White male and the Pied female will be either Pied or White. All sons will be split to the mothers' sex-linked colors, while daughters won't (because they can't). All offspring from the Oaten will also be split to Blackshoulder.

    Those fathered by the IB Blackshoulder will also be IB in color, and sons will be split to whatever the sex-linked colors the moms have. All offspring from the Oaten hen will be visual for Blackshoulder. Offspring from the Pied hen will be either split to White or split to Pied. Offspring from the IB hen will obviously be IB, but also split to Blackshoulder.

    This, of course, doesn't include anything else either parent may be carrying but not showing. So there's room for surprises. But by and large, virtually all offspring from this group will look either IB or Spaulding, some will have a small scattering of white feathers (split to Pied or split to White), a few will be Pied, a few will be White, and a few will be Blackshoulder.

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