Color Questions?


Feb 1, 2018

this chick is a full Belgian bearded D'Anvers chick, the only thing is it is mixed colors. the father is a quail color and the mother is a self blue. the chick only has that little bit of yellowy color on its face and a little bit of super light slate on its wings. other than that there are no signs of quail coloring, the rest of its body is that same charcoal color (it is not dark enough to be black). so my question is what does everybody think the color will be? i think it will be a charcoal grey or a blue (not self blue)
I'm sorry, but could you clarify: Self-blue as in Lavender or as in splash? It means Lavender, as you probably know, but I've seen people write it wrong before, so I'm just checking.

If the mother is lavender, then your chick is almost certainly going to feather out black, probably with traces of gold, especially in the males.

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