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  1. Hello everyone! I know that there's already a Colorado thread, however, I noticed that there are about 400 or so pages of replies... so I didn't really want to go through all of that just to find other Denver folks. I personally don't live in Denver, but in Highlands Ranch--which is south of Denver. Yes, we are notorious for being the "rich, snobby folk", but I assure you, I am not! I was just wondering if there are other Highlands Ranch/South Denver Backyard Chicken owners (and I am positive that there are: I've seen neighbor's backyard chickens). I just want to meet some of you! Probably just over the internet, but hey, if you're close, maybe we can meet for real. Share lunch or something ;)

    I am currently living in Germany right now, but I am moving back to "The Ranch" in the beginning of June. At that time, I hope to quickly buy my first pair of chickens (Highlands Ranch only allows a max of 4), and I know it will be a fun and marvelous adventure!
    Thanks BYC for providing so much insightful information!

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