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    Hey Rock! haven't seen you on the board for a while!
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    Yeah I realized that on Sunday. It's ok, just make sure you don't cut yourself with it!

    Add it to your knife drawer.
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    You sure? I could drop it off some afternoon after work.....
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    Aug 15, 2011
    Avondale, Colorado
    My Coop
    Silver/Grey...and they are looking good!! The 2 roos I have look great!

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    What are your plans for hatching Dorkings next year? Do you have any NPIP plans?
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    Nah, it's only a knife, and not one of my good ones.
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    OK, so I've been spending some time trying to decide what chickens I want next year. Initially I was thinking I'd just get some more Barred Rocks, Astralorps and Wellies, since I like the ones I have. But I have been looking at some others.......and discovered Euskal Oiloa Chickens. A rare breed originally from Spain. Lays an extra large egg 180-220 per year. Rated as an EXTREMELY friendly bird. Apparently only sold by Skyline Poultry in the US.

    I went to their website, but can't find out too much from them about shipping dates and such as they are redesigning. But their pricelist is up. Appears the minimum for chicks (I don't know how to incubate, so can't get eggs) is 15 chicks. $6.00 each. That's not too bad. Have no idea how much shipping might be. Anyway, I'm intrigued by this bird.

    Anyone here ever heard of them?

    They have a thread here:

    Another site I found:
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    Mar 31, 2012
    Lorenzo, TX

    I see you are in Western Colorado....which town, if you don't mind, I'm in Rifle and am very interested in Isbars.
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    Jul 8, 2012
    Pueblo, CO
    I've heard of them but that's all - seems like someone on BYC had some listed for sale not too long ago. Maybe one of your girls will go broody and you can get her some eggs to hatch? Shipping chicks is usually in the $35-$50 range depending on distance if they're next day, although some are higher, and some add in the price of the shipping box.

    I like rare breeds too, and heritage, and honestly you could name fewer than a handful of LF I have zero interest in :) At one time I thought I would stay away from leghorns despite my long affection for them, because they are so often described as flighty, but then someone pointed out that that characteristic actually makes them better at surviving free ranging. My girls only get to free range three days a week plus about an hour after work (which is getting shorter and shorter, especially if I leave late or have stops on the way home) but even Bob, having his first experience with chickens as an adult, has recognized chicken joy - letting them out when we get home is now a highlight of his day - so having birds able to survive free ranging is important to me. One reason I like Speckled Sussex is their coloration, which makes them harder for flighted predators to spot, save the ones with a lot of white; they also are more than willing to fly and run anytime they see fit. And I still say, there are few things more guaranteed to bring a smile than the sight of a chicken running :) So I have decided one thing I will do next spring is get some brown and maybe black Leghorns, hopefully some Doms from Wendell, maybe some Anconas, and I would like to get a few Dorkings as well. Not sure I am ready to dive into breeding any of them yet, but that would be my future goal with one or more breeds once I know them better. I've had Leghorns before but only whites, and I have no idea whether there is any detectable difference in the temperaments of the different colors. White is a fatal color out here on the prairie, so I'm not planning to get any white birds right now.

    Anyway, sorry, way off your original topic - I'll have to check out your links this weekend and look at some - are they related to another better known breed, or different from anything else you've seen? I know when I found some pics of the Isbars Doc has I was sorely tempted to get myself to Brighton this weekend, but it just isn't in the cards for me. I wonder if there is a Breed club that would have a listing of others who breed Euskal Oilas? How is that pronounced, anyway, do you know?

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