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Oct 9, 2010
when finding a chicken breed to get, some people search chickens for their personality, some for the egg production, others for their aspect, I personally love to get chicken that lay beautiful eggs, and is always a pleasure to see them. Please post pictures of your most exotic eggs, the ones with more intense colours, colours with speckles, or simple the ones you think are the most beautiful, and please the most important tell us the breed that gave you 'The Egg'!

These are some wonderful prize wining Araucana eggs:

You can check more prize wining eggs at this site I found, and liked:

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I love the colored eggs too. They are so much fun to gather and to use in cooking. Mine lay blue, green, one dark brown, and a couple a light pinkish brown. HOwever, my most interesting egg is a light brown one with blue speckles. I didn't even notice the blue specks until she had laid for a bit. Then one day when it was really sunny, I noticed the little blue spots.
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Here are some of my Araucana eggs. Araucana eggs are ideally blue but can range from lt blue to turquoise, to stone. I have two hens that lay green eggs.


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