Coloring Chicks?


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May 25, 2010
I just saw a craigslist ad for a man selling colored chicks. They were very cute but does anyone know if this is safe? We have 6 new chicks in the house and thought it might be fun and help us tell them apart. (We name all of our animals around here). I don't want to try it if there is any possible health risk.

Thanks for any comments.
kool aide, but be warned this is a hot topic on BYC, this might get locked. it can be done in the shell, if you wish the directions I can email them to you
The online stuff I've found today gives lots of reasons on why its a bad idea. I just thought it was cute but certainly not at the expense of their health or stressing them out.
I did see how to use dye before they are hatched. We only have hens so I don't think we will be trying to hatch our own eggs just yet.
The chicks are generally colored before they hatch out of the egg. A little bit of dye is injected inside the shell through a small hole. If done correctly it doesn't pose much risk for the chick, but can be deadly if done by someone who is inexperienced and just guessing at what they are doing. *shrugs* Some people are really against it but I don't see much harm as long as the person coloring the chicks does it safe and correctly.
what about their eyes? It has to get in their eyes...that can't be good. I have seen youtube videos where they have hundreds of dyed can't tell what kind of breed they are! I personally think it is mean....but that's just me...
I didn't now they did it while the chicks were still in their shells. Wonders never cease!

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