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i am very interested in color genetics .Like did breeding a golden laced wyandotte with a blue wyandotte make blue laced red? is there such thing as a blue laced red polish? how would you make one of those? do you evn create colors by mixing two???
is there a page on color genetics?? if so please give me the link
Gold Laced Wyandotte x Blue Wyandotte, no matter how many generations you work, will not create Blue Laced Red. Blue Laced Red requires the RED part, which requires a mahogany gene.

But, yes, the Calculator provided helps a lot.
Chicken genetics is very complicated. Producing chickens with novel secondary color patterns usually takes years of breeding and lots of patience. With secondary color patterns you also have to be able to produce large numbers of chicks. It just depends on what birds you have to work with.

1. gold laced male X blue female = F1 blue or black females that leak a bunch of red and blue or black males that leak a bunch of red or leak white ( pyle zone red or white)

If the parental blue females express lacing it is a good thing. You should get some F1 females and males that show lacing on the breast. It all depends on the blues genetics.

Hatch 20 or more F1 chicks. Keep the F1 blue females for breeding. You do not want to use the F1 males or black females.

2. Back cross the gold laced male with the F1 blue females. Hatch 20 or more eggs.

This cross should produce you some BC1 blue laced gold birds- not the best looking but better than the F1. You will produce birds of other colors.

3. Back cross the BC1 blue laced gold females with a gold laced male- You should get some BC2 blue laced gold and birds of other colors.

To improve lacing you can cross your blue laced gold females or your blue laced gold males to gold laced birds.

As Illia has stated, you will have to out cross to a variety that carries mahogany and autosomal red to get a rich red in the blue laced red birds. I know of one person who has done it and he now has some very good looking blue laced mahogany red birds. Type has suffered because of the out cross and he is working on that issue at this time.

The above plan will work for wyabdotte or polish. You must cross the males and females the way I have stated in the breeding regimen. Do not do reciprocal crosses or in other words, in the first cross do not cross a blue male with gold laced females. This cross may produce silver females and you do not want silver females. The way I have stated the crosses insures that every female will be gold.

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