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Feb 21, 2017
What will I potentially get if I cross a
1) red Cochin (blue tail) with a barred rock hen

2) red Cochin (blue tail) with a blue Orpington.
Your first one would be sex linked chicks... black (or blue from the tail showing a base color maybe)... males will have a white spot on the head at hatch and grow up to be barred. Females will be solid color with possible leakage of pattern as they mature... Lets see some pics of your red Cochin with blue tail. :pop

Your second one... probably some blue (or black) chicks with red leakage.

Try playing with this toy... it doesn't have all the possibilities and it doesn't account for leakage... but it can give you a good basic understanding and clues. The second drop down tab is in English...

Hope you have some great adventures! :wee
Lets see some pics of your red Cochin with blue tail. :pop
Thanks EggsSighted4Life. So I’ve hatched 4 cockerals it’s seems and 2 pullets thus far. As the red boy has grown his blue leakage isn’t as bad and this photo doesn’t show the blue very well

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