Columbian Wyandottes from Meyer HatcherY?


8 Years
Jun 8, 2011
Has anyone gotten them this year? If i didn't know better, I'd think mine were bantams. They're half the size of the other 14 chicks I got at the same time. They were hatched on April 8 and haven't really grown much at all. Is it normal for this variety to be super slow growing? The other Wyandottes I got... BLRW and SLW are twice their size.
To The Menagerie: NOPE..It's not normal....I've heard so many good things about Meyer that surely there is a logical explanation. Maybe just human error...Someone put the wrong eggs or chickens in the wrong box or picked up same...Columbian Wyandotte bantams are beautiful little critters...Maybe they will bring you a lot of happiness. Best Wishes to you and them!

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