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    Jul 31, 2018
    I have 3 australorp hens who are 5 months old and have just started laying.... One has a huge bright red comb, the second has a decent sized bright red comb and the third has a dull, small-ish light-rose colored comb. Her face seems dull as well...... Do you think something is wrong or that she is sick? I am only getting one egg a day on average so Im assuming they arent all laying yet, plus its still about 45 degrees here IMG-5819.PNG IMG-5820.PNG . Here is a picture of my gal with the dull comb "nugget" then one of my brightly colored comb hen "boatsnack"

    Thank you in advance!
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    Thinking Nugget's just not ready ... I have 4 BOs all the same hatch date but their combs/wattle color & development went at their own pace :rolleyes: I suspected one to be a cockerel cause it's comb got huge & red early on but she proved me wrong. Thought she'd be the first to lay, wrong again :hmm Now that they're 9mo her comb/wattle still larger than the rest but more proportioned to her size ;)
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    I would say Nugget isn't currently laying, but the others that look like Boatsnack are.

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