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  1. yodelinginca

    Hen losing feathers on neck, changed comb. Is she sick, stressed, or molting?

    We have a flock of 5 hens, all different breeds, 9 months old. Our brown leghorn was the first to lay, but stopped 2 months ago (she's our only white egg-layer so we know for sure she's not laying). Before she started laying, her comb was full, bright red and straight up. When she started laying...
  2. H

    Black funk encrusted on comb

    Hi everyone It's the first time posting for me, but I have followed this blog for a while due to the fantastic advice! My Silkie roo cross has this weird black gunk encrusted on his comb. He shares a coop with his sister (they hatched together 4 months ago) and during the day he free ranges...
  3. waywind

    Comb and wattle growing white hairs

    Hi all, My two buff orphingtons are doing great, after surviving our first broody breaking just a few weeks ago. Egg laying and all other behaviours are back to normal. They are now about 8-9 months old. The only thing I've noticed is that their wattles and Combs aren't the nice full red...
  4. N

    Sick hen?

    I have 2 black australorp hens, ages 2 and 4. We noticed today that the younger one was laying and that her comb was a paler shade of red and that it was flopped over. It has never done that before! And when we approached her and moved around right beside her she didn't move. This is totally...
  5. Watermeat

    Comb changing colors??

    One of my girls has a comb that changes it's color multiple times a day. It can go from bright red, dull red, and bright and dull orange. It seems very unusual to me, since none of the other hens have this issue. I knew I had to post a forum after watching it turn from a bright red to a pale...
  6. R

    Pullet's Comb Turning Grey!? Please Advise!

    Please help me understand what's wrong with my little one. I had an Ameraucana pullet die at 17 weeks old on May 12 of avian leukosis. I had an Ameraucana pullet die at 18.5 weeks of Marek's on June 5. Now my 16.5 week old lavender Orpington named Opal suddenly has a grey comb. I hope you...
  7. toriyr

    Losing feathers, white powdery face and dull comb

    Hello (again) chicken friends! I have a chicken who I've had for over a year, she has always been subdued and a little shy compared to the rest, but doesn't get picked on and is part of the team (I have five chickens all together). I think she's third in the pecking order. She's never been a...
  8. DuckWhisperer06

    What’s wrong with my cockerel’s comb?

    I noticed earlier this morning that our cockerel’s comb seems to be turning blackish blue. He’s about 30 weeks (7 months) old If anyone know what this is or how to fix it that would be greatly appreciated :fl:hugs
  9. Pmv17

    Buff orpington hen or roo??

    Hello, I'm new to raising chicks! I have 2 buff orpingtons that are 6.5 weeks old. One has always had a bigger comb and is slightly darker. But other than that, they have similar feathers and body's. What do you think hen and hen or hen and roo?
  10. Fiver5r

    Crusty gray patches on rooster comb

    My little bantam rooster has this crusty, gray, puffy patches on his comb. He’s young, just about finished filling in his feathers. He’s housed with a little hen, but the two of them are isolated from the rest of my birds (because they’re so small). I haven’t found any sign of mites. I don’t...
  11. Mariahthebright

    Possible Frost Bite?

    Hey guys This is my first winter keeping chickens outside, I think I have the beginning of frost bite on two hens. I'm not 100%, but they have not had yellow discoloration on their combs until the last few days (it's been really cold) My question is, what do I do next? I've brought them inside...
  12. sylvan mountain ranch

    comb color and size

    I have 3 australorp hens who are 5 months old and have just started laying.... One has a huge bright red comb, the second has a decent sized bright red comb and the third has a dull, small-ish light-rose colored comb. Her face seems dull as well...... Do you think something is wrong or that she...
  13. S

    Still molting?

    We got our first 5 hens last May. Last fall they had just started laying so they haven’t ever been through a molt until this year. I’ve read online that it can take a longer time for “spring chickens” to begin laying again after their very first molt - at this point it’s going on 3 months and...
  14. RosterRookie

    Blemishes / Spots on Combs

    Merry (early) Christmas. We're new here to the forum and relatively new to owning chickens as well. For the past 9 months we've had almost no problems at all but recently we've noticed a few spots on some of the girl's combs. We've already poked around in the forums and see we're hardly the...
  15. C

    Comb turning grey

    I have 7 hens. 4 of them are under a year old. Three of the four younger hens were picking on one of the older hens. As a result of posting here on backyard chickens, I put aprons on the chickens missing feathers and peepers on the bullies. One of the chickens with peepers responded well to the...
  16. McCarthyHens

    Sick hen

    18 month old Australorp hen. thought it was just part of her molting but she shivers and is losing weight. She lethargic but will move around a bit. I’ve seen her eat and drink, but not much. She prefers the feed mixed with water, like mush. Comb and waddle seem to be “shrinking” and pale in...
  17. M

    My Golden Comets. We got our first egg yesterday!

    Hi there! I’m in my first year of owning three awesome Golden Comets, Rose, Coop and R2-D2.(can you tell we let the kids name them? Haha.) We got them the weekend after Easter, and they’re all the same age, but I’m a bit confused. I’ve recently noticed that Rose has a nice sized red comb...
  18. P

    Chicken Comb Torn Part Way

    We are new to owning chickens and have 4... 1 Buff, 1 Australorp, 1 Rhode Island & 1 Swedish Flower Yesterday, a neighbors cat was stalking our backyard chicken coop and made the chickens go bazzerg! Our Black Australorp, Iris, who is only 5.5 months old and not laying yet had cut/caught her...
  19. KLIL

    Female Or Male?

    Hi Everyone, Is there a way you can tell a female or male from the Combs? These are Black Australorp chick that are 24 days old today and I have noticed a difference between them both. One has a darker looking comb. The other is extremely pink. Note: No need to worry I won't be...
  20. kasfluv

    Splotchy white comb

    Any ideas? Henrietta just came out of the “broody breaker” and other than the white comb, she seems absolutely fine. Just not sure what this is!! The bottom pic shows her comb in its “normal” state - a healthy, beautiful red. The top shows what I am concerned about...... I love her and want...
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