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Henny peeny

12 Years
May 4, 2007
I have a isa brown she is 2 years old, I notice yesterday her comb feel over and today she has a pink comb when you flip it over it is white nearest to her head, Her mouth is white not a bright pink or normal pink you may call it. and she is very very thin she has been on the slim sige all the time but she is very more thin then usual I wormed all of them in the spring they are not free range to many dogs and hawks at this time neighbor have dogs anyhow her legs are also white really white.
I think she has heart problems but if so wouldn't her comb be a purple instead of white? she doesn't seem herself either like when you don't feel good you are sluggish. She is my favorite to. She doesn't have much of a appatite other then being in my hand they all think it is something good when I hold the feed in my hand. I wonder of tylan would be something to try is there something I can give her to get her to eat more other then bringing her in and force feeding her? I think maybe to get her a little kick to give her a little honey in water huh and see if she perks up. Oh and she has the runs this is normal with them since it is so hot.

Anyone have any idea of what I can do for her??

never mind she has died, it looked like a aneirism but on a nocropsy I found she had a large matter in her and could not pass it it was big a a off white she was wormed this spring they do not free range and I only do the worming in the spring, I don't know what this mass was it broke up easy had a very fowl (no pun meant) smell to it but I think it was Egg Peritonitis I had a chiken once before that had this I should of seen this about 3 or 4 months ago she had a high fever but it passed she had lost weight she had always been thing but thinner then usual I don't have a vet that can see chickens so I am on my own or for the nice poeple here. I feel I was not able to do anything and it is pity she died but sometimes we just can make them well.

Thanks on the on set of her and this is some kind of worm and it was bunched up in her in her intestines I am going to worm everyone just for safety reasons.

Thanks for replying

the brown and white one is Half and half I raised her from a chick she was not so old. she I am told is a Isa Brown do this type of chicken have short lives??


very very sad

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