Comb combinations and gamefowl

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    I still am confused by the genetics of the comb. Anyway I have a straight combed american game hen that was bred to a sumatra. The first 6 eggs she layed were from a previous unknown mate (layed during the first two weeks) and the next five from the sumatra. 8 hatched. Two are blue so it is obvious they were from the previous mate. Some are straight combed some pea and one assumed rose (7 weeks old , its large, wide and comes to a point). So one can assume the sumatra F1's will all have pea combs (heterozygous)? The unknown rooster must carry straight comb. But the rose comb confuses me. This guy is a game breeder. Nothing on his farm but american game, old game line of sumatra and oriental games (except a few non moulting pheonix in there special boxes). There arent too many rose comb game, I think The Spanish, puerto rican and latin breeds have rose but these arent too common in my area. Is there a combo of comb genes(walnut or cushion) that could produce rose comb? Some of the orientals have cushion etc. Or in order to get rose do need one to have a rose comb?

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