Comb Fallen Over-Can't jump up-Getting Sicker-Need Advice


11 Years
Jun 10, 2008
I moved my chicken indoors 2 days ago because the younger hens started picking on her real bad and I noticed she wasn't getting off her perch and not eating.

Here are her vitals:
Gold Sex-Link
Lost a lot of weight...very light
Comb completely fallen over to one side
Runny Watery poo- yellow and sometimes dark green with yellow
Yesterday She had been eating, drinking and showing interest to scratching in dirt however she is not moving around very much.
She has eaten-crumble, scratch, lettuce, grass
So far this morning she hasn't moved or eaten at all
I noticed yesterday when she tried to jump up on perch she could only jump maybe a foot in the air. She has no injuries to her legs.

That is when I got really concerned. I thought maybe her weakend condition and all the other signs were due to lack of food intake because the other birds were picking on her. Now I am woderng if something else is going on.

I am very worried about her and afraid her condition is getting worse.

This morning I put probiotics in her water but she hasn't taken any yet. I also made up the mash with yogurt and crumble but she hasn't eaten any of that yet.

Any ideas or help would be much appreciated. She is the sweetest bird and I would hate to loose her.

I am on my way to take her outside and see what she does in the yard.

I think she may have sour crop. After reading other posts on the topic I compared her crop to the other chickens and hers is hard. God I hope I checked the right thing. So, I will try the epsonsalt treatment.

I have a question though. If she has sour crop do they still show interest in drinking and eating. Just brought her in from outside and she dipped her beak in water 7 times and ate some grass. Mostly just stood around with her eyes closed.

Question on recipee for sour crop.
Mix 1 teaspoon epsom salt with 1/2 cup of water. Squeeze it down the throat 3 times a day to flush the fungi out of the esophagus/crop.

Is that a 1/2 cup each sitting 3 times a day equaling 1 1/2 cups?
Seems like an awful lot for a chicken? or is that 1/2 cup spread out through the day?
Sour Crop is not the problem. held her upside down and massaged her crop and only watery liquid came out.

I noticed her keel bone ? I think that is what it is called is sticking out from loosing so much weight.

Anyone out there have any ideas to try or what might be gong on. I', afraid I'm going to loose her.

Do a search on Internal Laying with my name as the author. That may be your problem, seeing as how she's a high production type. I've lost four hens to it with those symptoms and almost lost a fifth. If she is that weak, it may be too late, though. If not, 3-5 days of penicillin injections may or may not save her.
Thanks speckledhen I will search now.

Updated-Put her in the garden where the other birds couldn't get to her and very lethargic. Tried pecking at some lettuce but gave up. She won't eat or drink. force fed her a little mash of yougurt and crumble an a little water with electolites and probiotics. She hated that and who could blame her. She just pooped - watery dark green and two little solids in ther...fecal matter that is. I'm sure it is from force feeding her.

I'm on my way to search
My Goldie just passed away in my arms. I'm very sad and heart broken.

I am looking for a place in California that will do a free necropsy. If any one knows of a place pleae let me know.

I am so sorry for your loss.

At least you know she is no longer suffering.

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