Comb is starting to flop over


6 Years
Nov 2, 2017
Not here...
hi I just noticed today that one of my hen’s comb is starting to flop to one side. Her comb is usually very straight and sturdy. She is pretty old, I’m not intirly sure how old, but she still lays eggs on a regular basis. She just finished a molt. She is a Rhode Island Red, and the biggest chicken (in weight) we have.
Maybe she's too fat.
There are lots of breeds that hen's combs are supposed to flop over. RIRs aren't one of them though. Is she acting normal and still laying?
Combs increase in size as weather warms up. Combs are used as a visual clue to a chickens health, and of their reproductive status. They are also for dispersing heat from a chickens body. Most chickens combs get bigger and brighter this time of year.

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