Comb size - does it matter?


7 Years
Jul 9, 2014
Couches, France
I have inherited the care of 3 chickens and a cockerel. All are different and all proper personalities in their own rights. I have noticed the pecking order in the group, which I find interestingly is not based on size (possibly breed?). (Little brown chicken is alpa, followed by the larger grey one, then the black one - our shy girl.)

What I have noticed is that their combs seem to match in size their position in the order, rather than size of bird. Is this just a fluke or is this typical? (I understand in rabbits it is the size of their whiskers that tells you which is alpha.) Hoping somebody can ease my curiousity.

Its just a fluke. Pecking order is based entirely on personality. You can have little bantams boss around Jersey Giants if their demeanors are right.

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