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  1. Hey everyone! I'm from beaver county Pennsylvania and I have 5 chickens. 2 red pullets and 3 white. I've become concerned with one of my whites. Her comb is looking dry, feeling hard, and turning white. I put petroleum jelly on it today hoping it may help. Any advice? It's been very cold lately so we have confined them and put an addition on the coup and added a heat lamp. I have a picture I will try to post. Thanks everyone!

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    :welcome Glad you joined us.

    Does she seem sick?? Is she molting???
  3. She is not molting and doesn't seem sick at all. She actually is cleaner and more bright white than the others. One of them had stopped laying but we don't know which one. I dont know if it is her or not. She seems in Great condition. Since it is winter I veggies and greens thrown to them but also a mixture of layer crumble and scratch. (scratch to help them put on weight) I've tried my best since there's no grass and bugs to keep their diet good. Any tips and advice is appreciated! Since I'm a newer farmer :)
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    A picture would help, but it sounds as if she may be in the early stages of having a frostbitten comb. [​IMG]
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    Howdy from Kansas, BombChickenMom, and [​IMG]! Happy you joined our community! I agree with sourland - sounds like frostbite.
  6. [​IMG] these are before i put any vasaline on the comb or wattle
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    Welcome to BYC. White comb? Could be favus, a fungus. Miconazole will will take care of it...if that's what it is.

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    Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan :D

    Are her wattles and vent also pale, our just her comb?
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    We posted at the same time. It's not favus.
  10. doesn't seem pale. Just super dry looking.

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