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Feb 15, 2019
Hanover, PA

I'm in need of some pointers on how to combine my 2 chicken flocks. I have an older group of 5 one of them being a rooster in their own coop. However, their coop/run was from TSC and is starting to fall apart.

I got 6 chicks from My Pet Chicken in May and they are outside in our new much nicer coop/run. I had purchased all female chicks, or so I thought. It turns out after hearing a new crow my polish "hen" is actually a rooster.

So, now I have 2 flocks, each with their own rooster. I would like to somehow combine them into one coop. I know they will have to learn a new pecking order and it wont be easy. So any pointers or tips would be simply amazing. I would love to get them all into one house before winter. My old coop will not make it another winter.

Thanks so much,
This will only work if you have enough space in both the coop and the run, AND you are extremely lucky. Roosters are a crap shoot, and sometimes they will work together and most of the time they will fight it out. Some will fight once, get it settled and some will fight and settle for a while, and then fight again. Some will fight to death.

I always say, solve for the peace of the flock. If both groups do not come together in a month, then it is really a no go. I know you don't want to hear it, but at that time you will need to either give up on the one flock idea or give up on the keeping two roosters idea.

My point is that is more apt not to work, than work, but that it highly depends on the coop/run set up that you have. If you have multiple roosts, hideouts, multiple feed stations, in your new set up, there is a chance that this could work. And if you really have enough space. 11 chickens x 4 sq feet = 44 sq feet so a coup of 6 feet x 7 feet, or 4 feet x 12feet. Measure it, thing is with multiple roosters, might need a bit more space, but certainly not less.

Wishing they would all be nice, won't work, and you will need a plan B set up and ready to go to if they start fighting. A dog crate will work for a temporary coop, a 5 foot fishnet or a chicken hook can be very helpful for separating fighting birds.

Good luck
Mrs K
This will only work if you have enough space in both the coop and the run
This is key.
Even without 2 males, I would strongly suggest you get rid of one male.

11 chickens x 4 sq feet = 44 sq feet
Minimum...unless your run is large and winter weather proofed.
Yes, measure them, and post dimensions and pics.

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