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May 20, 2016
Hi Y'all...

I have six chickens (Orpington and Easter Eggers) that are about 2 months old and I have eight chicks (Orpington, Easter Eggers and a Cochin) that are about four weeks old...Is it safe to combine them, or should I wait for the younger ones to grow a bit more???

BTW...The Cochin came from an Ebay egg and looks like it may be a bantam, even though I bought standard eggs...Either that, or it's just a really tiny bird, but it's about 2/3rds the size of the others...


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It’s possible you could just put them together and have no problems whatever. It’s possible you could have a disaster. You are dealing with living animals, no one can give you any guarantees.

I have no idea where you are keeping them or what your facilities look like. It’s extremely hard to give any specific advice. I’d treat it like a standard integration, give them all the room you can when you put them together. Before you put them together, house them side by side for at least a week across a fence of some kind so they can see each other but not attack each other. Provide a few separated eating and drinking stations so they can eat without challenging the older ones. When you let them together, do it on a day you can check up on them, probably a weekend for most of us.

I once had a group of 8-week-olds kill a 1-week-old chick that got into their pen. I regularly integrate 5-week-olds into my main flock, often with both adults and young chicks in it. I currently have 17-week-olds, 11-week-olds, and a broody hen with 4 week olds roaming with my adults and sharing a coop. You can integrate chicks of all ages with other chickens but there are risks involved. Treating yours like a standard integration will minimize those risks.

Good luck!


May 20, 2016
Thanks SueT...Had read that already, but wanted a few more specifics...I think Ridgerunner confirmed what my gut was telling me to do...Thanks guys!!!


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If that's all your flock, no adult chickens, you will probably have no issues when you combine the two groups. But you'd be a lot safer if you take it in steps. Let them observe one another through a barrier for a few days before letting them mingle. And make certain you are providing plenty of space and surfaces for them to evade any would-be bullies. Also, make sure you have more than one feeder.


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Jan 26, 2016
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Since it is between 1 & 2 month old flocks...My personal opinion is that they are ok to be combine together. But expect a confrontation. It is a must to have enough run space for them & a separate feeder & waterer. I've also gamble myself to include 2 groups of 2 month old with a 5 month rooster. Takes time for them to mingle together.

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