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Sep 3, 2012
North Carolina
I have 2 rir and 1 barred rock, the one rir and barred rock combs and waddles are growing like crazy and the other rir comb and waddles is not growing at all , they are all around the same age of around 23 weeks. Will her comb and waddle grow? What is going on? Also does there comb and waddle have anything to do with when they lay? They haven't started laying yet eaither and I'm getting impatient! Lol . Help! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated thank you.

Y N dottes

7 Years
Sep 1, 2012
South Central WI
its not really comb size that indicate when a hen will lay, but they may turn very red just before. every chicken is different and their combs and waddles will be different, even within the same breed.

Here's a pic of one of my RIRs when she was about 27 wks....just so u can compare. she had been laying for several weeks

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