combs?? what do they mean and why?


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Mar 16, 2009
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Ok another not so new question. I know I have seen a link on here that shows all comb sizes and what they represent as far as linkage and traits-can anyone guide me in the right direction please? I have a book but it does not include photos, which is what Im really looking for-Im a picture person:)

looky here I found and answer to my question! Thats exactly I was looking for-of Course like I said I am a picture person and would like real life pictures. All though this tidbit told me what breed of chicken is associated with comb types, it did answer my question about a roo I have and dont know who the parents are:) Hope this helps someone else?
very welcome!!! I would love to take pictures of combs and fins answers to what eggs they will lay/what colors what they can possibly produce etc. Im sure the info or even a book is out there with all teh info in it..I just havent found it yet? Im on a mission...

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