Combs with Sores

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    I have recently noticed Combs and other parts with injuries. I noticed that there is bumping noises coming from the chicken coop at night occassionally. I have 6 chickens and 4 have injuries while 2 seem perfectly fine. Am I dealing with a pecking order and chickens pecking on other chickens? Notice 1st picture at the top is a chicken with no injuries to comb. This is Roxie and I suspect she is one of peckers. They are about 7 months old.
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    I looked at these pictures late last night, and couldn't decide if they looked like pecking injuries or dry fowl pox, so I didn't respond since I was unable to post links. Some of the pictures do look like pox scabs, but I would spend some extra time with them to watch for bullying. My chickens always rumble around in the evening getting there places on the roost, so that can be normal. If it is dry pox from a mosquito virus, it should last about 3-5 weeks. Just make sure they are eating well, and it requires no treatment as long as no complications. Here is another good link for pictures:

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