Apr 6, 2020
Where it snows.
I have several chicks where the base of their comb is red, but not the top, and the combs aren’t getting bigger. I have a barred rock cockerel and his comb is already Huge. One I’m most interested in is a golden laced Wyandotte. Her/ his comb is still flat. Really the question is, if only the base of the comb is red, is it a rooster?
Define big

This is a picture of an 8 week SLW /ICO cockerel. I am sending this so you can see his comb

This mainly for color since this is a single x rose combination so I would expect a little more height than on a rose x rose combination. I think I would look more at color and wattles. This is a very large chick.
I don’t think at that age you has say one way or the other. It’s just something to look at. They can change their comb color with their mood too

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