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Sep 30, 2010
I noticed yesterday that one of the 5 week old chicks has a different comb than the others. The largest of them has rounded & fewer bumps while the others have more bumps and they're more pointy. The chicks are only 4 weeks old now I guess. They still have some of the down type feathers but the barred feathers are coming in good. Most of them have some reddish or pinkish in their combs too. Is that any indication of the sex of the chicks...whether their comb has rounded or pointed bumps?
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Could you post pics? If they're purebred barred birds, such as Barred Rocks or Dominiques, you can usually tell the gender by their coloring.
Sounds like you have Dominiques. They have a rose comb and the males tend to have somewhat of a point on the rear of the comb. If they are 5 weeks old and some combs are reddish or pinkish compared to others then its a good indication that those birds will be males. And as stated before, most barred colored chicks can be sexed by color, even as a chick.



One is bigger overall and has fewer knobs on his comb and are rounded while the other 4 lots of small poky knobs
see what I mean?
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All chicks won't get the same amount of points if they are single combs. That's not rose comb.
We've seen a couple of the chicks make a stance and lunge like they were cock hens do that too???

Ok, so we have single combed chicks, that I did know...I'm wondering if how one has larger rounded knobs in comparison to the spiky ones, if that's an indication that one is roo and the other hen?? this description is confusing to me, "The comb always erect and much larger and thicker in male than female; may be lopped or erect in female, depending on breed. " The rounded one is thicker while the erect ones are spiked, lol help!

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