Come on BYC friends i know u can help PLease VOTE

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10 Years
Apr 21, 2009
Port Angeles Wa
We are having cutest pet contest in our Town If you would kindly Vote for my sons 4 moth old German Shepard "Loomis" Im very proud of him he saved two paychecks You have to register to vote I know its a pain but I promised my son I would ask you all the Help Thanks a bunch I will copy the link for you
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I voted! That is a really cute pic. He looks like he was busy that day.

Tell your son I think his dog is cool, and good luck in the contest.

Oh and you're a good mom.

thank you very much for voting and taking time to do this for us and your kind comment turney31 WE NEED MORE VOTES PLEASE BYCERS Vote
Thanks and you can vote once a day
He had the toilet paper everywhere dont know how he got it around his ea.r See his face wouldnt even look at me knew he was in trouble my son is 17 and I told him this is nothing wait until you have children.............. I hope he waits a long time

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