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Aug 1, 2008
We have put up a new poultry website for our farm, could we get some opinions and comments? You could include:
-How your computer takes to the site
-Anything you see that needs fixing, or that you like

Here is the link:

Thanks, we'll be looking forward to hearing from you!
Super job! Will add you to my bookmarks
Great site - I added you to my bookmarks, I am wanting muscovys, and they are hard to find near me (for some reason). I'll have to place an order as soon as I have a place set up for them.

Peace -
Nice site! Do you have any pics of your orpington or sebright breeders?

I love your site! I hope you have good customer service when the time comes, I've bookmarked your site now! Lovely pics! Are you going to include photos of all of your breeds, as other members have asked (like a full line up) at some point? So far what you have is beautiful and well done...nice photography and layout. I'll keep watching and see how it goes.

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Site pulls up fine for me and looks good.

Only have two small suggestions. One is that the standard black and plain text can be harder to read on some monitors when it is over layed on brown or gray backgrounds. A lightening of the text boxes or bolding of the text might help, along with perhaps a flat background on the gray. Second, if people still have really really old monitors, the fixed with of the website may be tricky. I have a newer wide screen and with my firefox window not even fully expanded, the width of the web page was only half of the screen. Also no biggie and probably easier to edit/format if it is a set width so pictures don't start flowing all over the place.

Good luck!

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